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Academic Project Training

We provide flawless academic project training and guidance to BCA, BE, B. Tech, MCA, M.Sc and M.Tech students for doing their academic projects. We offer a wide range of academic projects for the students to select from. Our projects are rated as best academic projects in many reputed campuses, by virtue of our quality delivery and innovative approach.

Located at the KINFRA Techno park, Calicut, we are pioneers in providing academic training for the students who are seeking it. Project training covers every aspect of a project in detail. Be it the theory behind a project or the practical work involved in developing a project. Our standard approach to academic project guidance starts with in-depth requirement analysis and progresses through prototyping, architecting, coding, testing, deployment etc. Currently we take up academic projects training in the following areas, which is our area of expertise.

Our trainers are very professional and come highly qualified and they will bring a wealth of knowledge to the training sessions. The whole process of academic project training includes several steps to accomplish the goal and gain absolute knowledge. Our support starts right from training you on the required skills to start the project, further guiding to meet project objectives, there by taking you through the complete project life cycle.

Academic project training can be for any of the following types,
  • Main Projects
  • Mini Projects
  • Individual projects
  • Group projects

What We Offer

Main Project Training

Projects undertaken as part of the academic syllabus for successful completion of your course are called as Main projects. Going on with excellent main projects will add immense value to you as the act as a bridge between your academic knowledge and employment. The span of main projects usually ranges from 3-4 months.

Mini Project Training

Mini projects are usually referred to as the projects done during the span of your academic course. Though mini projects don’t get the deserved academic value, it will help you in acquiring immense technical knowledge on any domain you are working on. Mini projects commonly take a period of 1 month for completion.

Individual Project Training

Some courses or institutions require main projects to be done individually. In these projects, the ‘A-Z’ processes are done by a single individual under the supervision of trainers. By doing so, the person get to know about every single process and module involved in the software development process. The time period we provide for these projects are 4 months and may slightly vary depending on the project.

Group Project Training

Main projects in most cases are done as group projects, were a group usually consist of 3-4 members. Group projects are a shorter version of real time projects as the tasks are split amongst individuals. But in case of group projects, each individual should also have knowledge of every other module. The project period may vary depending on the project, but on the usual note, it takes 4 months.

Professional Experience

A professional experience is all what it takes to find a job easily. Experience gained from a training institute and that from a development firm is entirely different. Training institutes just provide the technical knowledge to its trainees. But a top notch development firm like ours, apart from providing technical knowledge, take our trainees through the complete industry process.

Our systematic and full-fledged training imparts this professional experience to the trainees. Once a person completes the training from Linspire Solutions, he will be ready to face any challenge put before him.

Training Environment

Joining the training at Linspire solutions gives the trainees the benefit of being trained in complete organisational environment of KINFRA Techno Park. This will converge to be of great advantage for them in their future ventures.

The training environment at Linspire Solutions itself motivates the trainees. The well furnished lab with all modern facilities and the vast experience of our trainers when combined, gives the trainee an unmatched training environment.

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