Trusted and recognised hospital management software that manages the entire work process within the hospital.


MediLins is a trusted and recognised hospital management software that manages the entire work process within the hospital. Considered as one of the best Hospital Management Software by various physicians & surgeons, MediLins helps in offering quality healthcare to patients in a proper and cost-effective way. It dramatically reduces the response time and helps in effective decision making by automating the entire process of gathering and managing patient information.
MediLins is specially designed for multispecialty hospitals, which provide relevant information across the hospital to support effective decision making for patient care, hospital administration and critical financial accounting, in a seamless flow.

  • Useful for General Practitioners, Surgeons, Small to big hospital, Nursing homes, and all Physicians
  • Family wise patient records management
  • Billing and account manager for your accounting needs
  • Management of multiple branches.
  • Management of the complete history of patients and their treatments
  • Inventory management with regular and timely refurbishment of the stock of medicines and other instruments
  • Built in backup and restore facilities

MEDILINS featrures

  • Useful for all medical centresOpen or Close

    MediLins is developed in such a way that it suits all medical centres, starting from general practitioners and small hospitals to big multi-speciality hospitals. It can be customized to suit your hospitals’ needs. Adaptability being the key feature of the system, it goes well with a single room clinic to a multi-speciality hospital.

  • Family wise patient records managementOpen or Close

    MediLins holds the provision to manage the patient records family wise. This makes it easy to access the details when you are at the hospital with your family. The entire family details can be maintained in a single record. These records hold exhaustive details of each family member which comprises of the previous transactions carried out, personal details, financial information and more.

  • Billing and account manager for your accounting needsOpen or Close

    Apart from managing the patient’s records, a hospital has to manage its accounts including all incomes, expenses, salary etc...It has provision to manage accounts on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. Billing system has been meticulously developed to guide users step-by-step to enhance workflow and reduce errors.

  • Multiple BranchesOpen or Close

    It’s common today for a hospital to have more than one branch spread across various places. And the super admin would love to manage all the branches from his location. Our MediLins makes this possible with its latest feature of managing multiple locations. The administrator can access all the data regarding any of the branches of the hospital, including accounts, patient details, medicine and instrument stocks, etc...

    The application also makes it possible for the administrator to manage his multiple branches from anywhere in the world.

  • Management of the complete history of patients and their treatmentsOpen or Close

    The complete personal details and treatment information of every patient is stored and managed by MediLins. When a patient repeatedly comes for the treatment his details are retrieved and this makes it easy for the physicians to have a clear understanding about the patient. These records also help in identifying the history and symptoms of the disease and to select the best treatment method.

    The added advantage is that these details or records can be accessed and used from any of the branches of the hospital.

  • Inventory management with regular and timely refurbishmentOpen or Close

    Another important aspect of the hospital is the inventory with all the medicines, equipments and instruments. This module helps in managing these important inventory items. The system automatically checks the inventory at regular intervals and generates alert if any of the items are about to be out of stock. This helps in efficient handling of the inventory, which is a vital part of the hospitals.

  • Database backup and restoreOpen or Close

    Every single line of data in a hospital is very precious and has to be backed-up frequently. The entire database of MediLins can be backed-up or restored. In case of any system errors or while servicing the system, use should not lose your data. In MediLins, you have the provision to backup all the data from your database at any time.
    You can back-up the data anywhere and once after the rectification of your issues, you can restore it back. This can also be done on regular basis to ensure that no data or contacts are lost.

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