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Are you thinking of developing an
E-commerce website?

October Fri 2019



Then there are many facts you should know before signing up with a company. We had faced varieties of queries regarding the E-commerce setup. Many people are considering this as a one-time investment and their budget will also be too low. They will try to find someone who will manage the development within their budget. Please don’t do it because the right quality of work surely cost good. Setting up an E-commerce platform for your business is a very crucial process and each and every step demands expert development and guidance. Here we are discussing some points, you should keep in mind while going for an E-commerce business.

1. Let the design be simple and user-friendly

This is the first and foremost thing you should consider while going for an E-Commerce set up. A good and experienced development company should have its own design view for your website. You should consider their suggestions also because it plays an important role in your success. Keep the design simple and always think about the requirements of users those who are going to buy from you. Even then this is a fact that the development of an E-commerce the platform always has to face a crowd of challenges and if you are not selecting the perfect partner company for the development, then you will be entangled just like a butterfly in spider webs. 

2. Choosing a Suitable platform 

Always use widely used platforms for E-commerce website and we always recommend WooCommerce platforms. Let’s discuss some facts about WooCommerce here. 

a. As a completely customizable E-commerce platform, this provides a wide range of features and all of them break lines of traditional E-Commerce setups.

b. WooCommerce is built on the trust of WordPress.Principles of WordPress are the backbone of this platform. So if you choose the right company with the right platform, then you don’t have to worry about your E-commerce website.

c. This is totally an open-source platform and can be customizable as per your requirements. You will be able to add any useful WordPress plugins into it. So that your E-commerce website will have all the features your customers love and you can sell products with no limits. 

3. Product landing page

A product landing page plays an important role in E-commerce websites. You should remember that this not to showcase all your multiple products. This for single product offers that convert the customer into your product funnel. So make it simple and provide high-quality pictures of your product. Or else if you are giving information on offer, design it for a single offer. So that your conversion rates will be at its maximum

4. Hassle-free checkout

Though it is important to collect information from customers in order to give them an update on their order and tracking details etc, most people won’t like to fill a lengthy order form. So always make it simple. Some customers wouldn’t be interested to register with you. So never forget to keep guest checkouts for such customers. So that they can purchase without revealing their personal details. Always consider the valuable suggestions from the developer side because they will be having solid experience in creating user-friendly websites. We, as the best website development company in Calicut, give more importance for user-friendliness and we suggest the same to our customers too.

5. Maintenance & Security

This purely depends on the efficiency of the Website development company. The experienced hand will provide good support and secured server spaces for your store and they will be proficient in fixing most issues as soon as possible. So you can be free of all such errors of your E-commerce website.

Regular maintenance is required for

a. Checking the website loading speed

b. Removing broken links

c. Code upgrading

d. Proper backups

Your whole process will get stuck if you face any of the above-mentioned errors. So in order to avoid the same, choose the developer company wisely and always sign up a maintenance agreement with them


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