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March Wed 2019

LOGO: The one and foremost important brand identity of a business

Any designer can create a logo, but the real ones will generate a timeless logo. Of course, Customer mind set is also an important factor in the process of creating a logo. A knowledgeable business man will have his own description for his logo and rest will leave for the creativity of a designer. This is the perfect combination of a customer and the company. Such customers will respect the freedom of the designer. Result of the same will be the birth of a logo that will endure the ages. Hiring a perfect branding company is of course an expensive task, but you should go for the same in order to make your brand identified.

Logo in Black and white:

Always design a logo in black and white. Then after finalizing the design, we can go for colors. Why this means a business logo should look good without any colors. There may be many situations, in which logo should be printed or appeared in black and white. Appearing in black and white should not lose the elegance of a logo.

Logo should be proportionate:

 A logo will be used in variant sizes for visiting cards, hoardings, posters etc. So in all such places, it should look proportionate from each angle.

Creative Typography:

What is meant by typography? Why it is important in designing world? 

First off all let us discuss answers for these questions. Typography is simply the presentable form of a word. A word can be written in any font. But when the creativity of a designer blends with the same word, then it looks awesome. So instead of having a usual font, most of all the business owners needs a good typography for their business, that makes them noticeable among their competitors. Good typography creates an identity for the brand and leads to strengthen the customer experience. Creative typography is amongst the top trends in graphic designing and it’s not going to lose its place any time soon. We can see creative typography in advertisements, logos, websites, printing and package designs. In all the above cases typography can be used solely or it can combine with other designs.However, creative typography is an asset of the designer who possesses a strong imagination power. As a top branding company in India, we at Linspire Solutions used to deliver technically advanced professional training in Graphic designing and website designing too.

Logo should be flexible:

According to the platform in which the logo is using, slight alteration may be required to be done on the logo. But it should not affect the overall look and feel of the logo. Just like the color and positioning of the logo may vary in different platforms.



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