Create, send and track e-mails or newsletters to your clients and customers


Our Desktop Mailing Software is a powerful mailing software that can be used create, send and track e-mails or newsletters to your clients and customers. It’s a one-stop solution for all your e-marketing needs. It allows you to send unlimited number of mails to your customers which may be an ordinary mail or a flyers or newsletters. Some of the characteristic features of our Mailing Software are.

  • You can send HTML based bulk e-mails and newsletters to your clients
  • Manage your contacts into various contact groups
  • Provision to import (from CSV and Excel ) and export contacts (to CSV and Excel )
  • Configure any mail server with ease
  • Backup and restore database

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  • Send HTML NewslettersOpen or Close

    Our Mailing Software enables you to easily deliver HTML rich emails and newsletters mails to your target audience using mailing lists. It sends a separate copy of the mail to each address in the list and the each recipient is unaware of the other recipients. Once send, the recipients can view these deigned newsletters as soon as they open the mail. Thus, these HTML Newsletters serve as a great aid for the development of your business.

    Another advantageous feature of Our Mailing Software is that you can send the just the HTML codes of images and the recipient receives it as the original image. The mails will also contain an unsubscription link, by which the clients can unsubscribe from the service and they won’t receive further newsletters.

  • Contact GroupsOpen or Close

    Our Mailing Software facilitates you to organize your contacts into various groups. While saving a contact, you can place them in any group you want. And in case you want to create a new group, you can do it instantly.

    While sending mails, you can send it to individual contacts or you can also send it to different groups. You might have different business and different category of clients. And of course different types of products to be marketed. In these cases, these contact groups will make your task easy.

  • Import and Export ContactsOpen or Close

    Subscriber’s contacts can be imported from CSV and Excel files. A company can have thousands of contacts and to use those contacts in our Mailing Software, it has to be imported. To make this task easy, users can import contact from Excel and CSV.

    All the contacts from our Mailing Software can also be exported to CSV and Excel sheets. Individual groups can be exported separately.

  • Configure Mail ServerOpen or Close

    In our Mailing Software, you can configure any mail server, to be compatibly used. Major mail servers like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL etc.. are pre-configured in our Mailing Software. The user can manually configure any mail server he wants, to be used with our Mailing Software.

    To configure a new mail server, in the configuration entry, just create a new account type and enter the details like incoming server, incoming port number, outgoing server and outgoing port number and save the details. Thus you can successfully configure a mail server and you can send and receive mails through this server.

  • Backup and Restore DatabaseOpen or Close

    The entire database of MobLins can be backed-up or restored. In case of any system errors or while servicing the system, use should not lose your data. In our Mailing Software, you have the provision to backup all the data from your database at any time.

    You can back-up the data anywhere and once after the rectification of your issues, you can restore it back.This can also be done on regular basis to ensure that no data or contacts are lost.

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