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Moblins - Mobile Service Centre Software

MobLins is a completely integrated package to help you run your entire mobile service centre more efficiently and effectively. MobLins includes all that you need for a mobile service centre. MobLins is incorporated with many attractive and unique features, which reduce the human effort to a great extend in a mobile service centre. The key features of Moblins are:

  • A collection of all common mobile phone brands and models
  • Provision to dynamically add new models
  • Search for a bill based on seven different criteria
  • View services based on their status
  • Pending services displayed in different colour codes based on the date of delivery
  • Provision for admin to set permissions for various employees
  • Generates reports based on different criteria
  • Backup and restore database

Mobile Registration:

This module allows you to register a new mobile phone. The software is pre-loaded with more than 2500 models available in the market today. This covers all major brands and models. In case of new mobile releases, user can add the item using this mobile registration module. The pre-loaded list of mobile phones will turn out to be a great deal for the user, as the user doesn’t have to register the mobile at the time of service entry.

During the process of registration, mobile phone along with its company name and image are registered.

Service Entry:

Service entry let you register a new mobile to be serviced. Here you can add all the details regarding the customer and the mobile which has to be serviced. Each service entry is done based on a bill number. The bill number is automatically generated for each service. As the bill number generated is different for each service, it does not cause any redundancies or duplication while searching for a bill.

At the time of service entry, complete details regarding the mobile phone and also the user are entered. Mobile phone details include company name, model name, IMEI number, battery number, status, complaint, accessories with the mobile and also remarks. Personal details comprises of name, address, phone number and mobile number.

Service entry also does have the provision to enter the date of registration and also the expected date of completion. Advance amount paid and the estimated amount for the service are also added in the entry.

Bill Search:

Here, the user can search for a particular bill from the complete list of bills. Search can be done based on various criteria like Bill number, customer name, company name, model name, IMEI number, date of registration and date of completion. Except for the case of bill number, there can be more than one bill with same details (eg. Name of two customers can be same). In such cases all the bills corresponding to the entry are listed.

As each of the bills have a unique bill number, search can be done without any duplications. And hence the user can select the particular bill that he wants.

Service Status:

A particular service may either be completed or pending. Service status allows the user to view the services based on its status. By selecting a particular status i.e., pending or finished, he can view the complete list of bills under that category.

When the pending list is selected, a particular colour code differentiates the services based on its delivery date. The services which couldn’t be delivered to the user on time are shown in red colour. The services which have to be delivered by the present day or the next day, are displayed in blue.

The user also has the provision to extend the date of delivery for any service if he finds it impossible to deliver on time.

Employee Entry:

Employee entry allows user to add a new employee with all the details regarding him/her. Details of the employee to be entered includes employee name, current and permanent address, gender, date of birth, mobile number, e-mail id, nationality, designation, basic salary and his/her photo. In case of resignation of any employee, the status can be updated from ‘active’ to ‘terminated’. It is also possible to edit the details, if the need arises.

Each employee will have his own account, with a username and password. The priorities for the account will be assigned by the administrator.


In a mobile service centre, there can be employees with varying priorities. The administrator may not want his employees to have access into the complete details of the company. To address this problem, the administrator can set permissions for various employees.

In the permissions module, we have provided the complete list of processes in this software. From the given list, the administrator can select the modules and the employee will have access only to these selected processes. This helps in maintaining the confidentiality of the firm.


Reports are one of the most customizable parts of MobLins software. Reports can be generated based on various criteria. Reports for any particular time period can be viewed by selecting that particular time span. Reports for the services done by each individual employee can also be viewed separately. Report also includes the grand total of advance amount, estimated amount and total collected amount.

Backup and Restore Database:

The entire database of MobLins can be backed-up or restored. The user can back-up the data on regular basis, so that even if there is any problem with the user’s system, the user doesn’t have to worry about data loss.

After the rectification of the problem, the user can now restore the database, using the backed-up content.

Company Details:

The admin can enter his company details using this module. The details regarding the company which includes, company name, address, contact details, registration number, tin number and declaration can be entered here. These details can be printed on the bills. This will be useful when there is any change in the company details or when a new branch is opened.
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