Deals with the financial aspects of employee's salary, allowances, deductions, gross pay, net pay and generation of pay-slips.


LinsPay, a Payroll Management System developed by Linspire Solutions, specifically targets enterprises. Your business is unique and a readymade payroll may not suit your needs. We deliver you the payroll system that best suits your specifications. Our Payroll Management System deals with the financial aspects of employee's salary, allowances, deductions, gross pay, net pay etc. and generation of pay-slips for a specific period.

  • Role based access modes
  • Manage your contacts into various contact groups
  • Efficient performance appraisal of employees
  • Auto-fill facility to accelerate the attendance, payroll & employer contributions processes
  • Easy generation of all MIS reports
  • Audio-Visual indications
  • Database backup and restore facility

linspay featrures

  • Access modesOpen or Close

    The software has different access modes. It is possible to configure the software for giving restricted access to all front end users and full access to the main HR authorized person. The administrator has the provision to set these restricted access. So the role based security in LinsPay can pre assign the modules which he thinks his employee can have access to. All the modules of LinsPay are listed here, and the admin can select the modules during the process of employee registration.

  • Performance appraisalOpen or Close

    Performance appraisals are a part of career development in an organisation. With the aid of LinsPay, the authorities can conduct flawless performance appraisal of their employees. The system automates this process by considering all the performance criteria of the employees and also taking their attendance into the account.

    With each employee having his/her own account, can login and view their performance appraisal results. This helps in improving the performance of each employee.

  • Auto-fill facilityOpen or Close

    LinsPay beholds the facility to automatically fill the attendance, payroll and employer contribution processes. The system automatically identifies and fills the required fills from the existing data in the database. This facility accelerates the entire process in the organisation including attendance, payroll, payslips etc.. This also accounts to error free processing of the above mentioned data.

  • ReportsOpen or Close

    Our Payroll software can generate all the reports related to the company, employee, attendance/leave and payroll. The management will get a clear view about the payroll and attendance of the employees through MIS. Reporting module also includes the performance appraisal reports of the employees. These reports help in analysing and improving the employees’ performance through that improving the overall accomplishment of the organisation.

  • Audio Visual IndicationsOpen or Close

    An attractive feature of LinsPay is its audio-visual indications. Audio-visual indicators act as reminders in most cases. These indicators lets the users know about important events including meetings, reviews, events and other work related indications. Once scheduled, the system alerts the users at respective times. This prevents the organisation from missing out any important aspects within the organisation.

  • Database backup and restore facilityOpen or Close

    Data are precious for any organisation. The entire database of LinsPay can be backed-up or restored, using LinsPay. In case of any system errors or while servicing the system, use should not lose your data. In LinsPay, you have the provision to backup all the data from your database at any time.

    You can back-up the data anywhere and once after the rectification of your issues, you can restore it back. This can also be done on regular basis to ensure that no data or contacts are lost.

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