Administrative management, academic management and financial management.


EduLins- Our school management software is bundled with features that manage all the facets of a school including administrative management, academic management and financial management. EduLins was developed after in-depth analysis of all the activities of a school in all its angles. Most of the educational institutions are criticized for the slow processing of administration requests and enquiries. Our school management software can be the best solution for institutions which are looking in to faster request resolution times and automating the request processes.
There are countless features that make EduLins stand ahead of its competitors. Some of the notable features of EduLins are,

  • Managing student enquiries and tracking follow-ups
  • Trace Students and Staff Attendance efficiently
  • Analyze the Performance of a class
  • Effective and accelerated communication via e-mail reportse
  • Time table generation and updation
  • Effective Library Management

EDULINS featrures

  • Managing student enquiries and tracking follow-upsOpen or Close

    All the Educational Institution grows in strength from student Enquiries. EduLins provides a platform to manage and track all type of enquiries coming to you, which boost up the student admission. By recording the enquiries, you can always be in touch with these potential enrolments. The enquiry details can then be transferred into the admission form during the admission process. Thus managing student enquiries and tracking follow-ups becomes a job of ease.

  • Trace Students and Staff AttendanceOpen or Close

    EduLins holds the provision to trace the attendance of students as well as the staffs. The attendance details of students are accessed in a systematic way, to find all the details of individual students and if necessary, email alerts are sent to parents. Attendance report can be filtered course & batch wise. The student attendance details are also used for analysing the students’ performance.

    Attendance details of staff members are also analysed in our system. Staff attendance details are of extreme use when used in accordance with time table and payroll modules.

  • Analyze the Performance of a classOpen or Close

    This is an important module for the real time analysis of Students performance. Information about performance of students in all or a particular class in all or specific subject can be collected easily. By analysing so, authorities can easily find out the students who have to be given special attention. Subject wise performances are also used here, to give special classes to the students in these particular subjects.

    Performance analysis reports are also used for comparative study. The present year performances of the students are compared with the previous year performances. By doing so, the authorities can easily identify the lapses and rectify them.

  • Effective and accelerated communication via e-mail reportsOpen or Close

    Effective and accelerated communication is achieved through EduLins. Information and details regarding the students including performance, marks, results, attendance reports, etc. are seamlessly transferred to the parents through e-mails. Apart from these details other details regarding events, meetings, reminders etc.. are sent to the parents.

    The authorities also have the provision to notify the staff members regarding any notification or information that had to be passed. This helps in effective and accelerated communication between all the entities of the system..

  • Time table generation and updationOpen or Close

    Usually a lot of valuable time is being spent on time table generation and updation in schools. EduLins, after analysing all the parameters, generates flawless timetables. This module also helps in time table updation. After considering the availability of teachers and other resources, the module automatically performs time table updation, in case of absence of any teachers.

  • Effective Library ManagementOpen or Close

    Library management module strictly maintains and manages a record of all the book details in the institution’s library. Book issues and returns can be managed easily without any user intervention. All the operator needs to do is data entry. Fine calculations, book issue/ return details will be managed by this module
    It designed to catalogue, search, and circulate all library collections including books, CDs, video tapes, DVDs, manage member information, keep track of the library circulation data, manage fine transactions, generate missing/damaged material reports and much more. Programmed to issue membership cards, send e-alerts on due dates of return/new arrivals coupled with its versatility in permitting multiple "search" options. Library management module is indeed a cost-effective time-saver and user-friendly module.

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