Better way to manage all the details of running your studio


As a studio grows, software that delivers customized management tools becomes even more important. If you're looking for a better way to manage all the details of running your studio, then LinStudio is what you want. LinStudio is a simplified studio management system designed to make your business more organized. LinStudio automates your studio and makes administrative tasks are much easier to complete, freeing up more time to do things that you really want to do -photography.

  • Item entry with professional and amateur rates
  • Efficient invoice and payment tracking
  • A wide array of customized sales and purchase reports
  • Role based security which allows specified program access for each usere
  • Database backup and restore

linstudio featrures

  • Item entry with professional and amateur ratesOpen or Close

    You may have different professional and amateur rates for specific type of clients. You can easily create custom price lists that you can print or export if necessary. You can have any number of price lists for each item. These assigned price lists can also be edited if changes in the pricing are being implemented. So with LinStudio in your hands, you don’t have to worry adjusting your prices for the specific set of clients.

  • Efficient invoice and payment trackingOpen or Close

    LinStudio has an efficient tracking system which tracks sales, purchase and all the expenses. For a sale or a service, the tracking can be done based on the bill number, customer name and also using the delivery date. In case of loss of bill or any other issues, this becomes useful. Tracking of the miscellaneous sales are done with the aid of sale date, invoice number or customer name.

    To track the purchase reports, we take into consideration the purchase number and purchase date. Expenses can also be tracked using this module.

  • A wide array of customized sales and purchase reportsOpen or Close

    LinStudio provides customers the provision to generate reports on sales, purchase and expenses. These reports for any particular time period can be viewed by selecting that particular time span. Apart from sales and purchase, reports on the employee salary details and day book can also be viewed. These reports help in giving a clear view of your day to day business.

  • Role based security which allows specified program access for each userOpen or Close

    In a studio, the administrator might not want his employees to have access to all the details regarding the studio. He might want his employees to have access to only the sales and services, and not to access the financial area. So our role based security in LinStudio allows this to happen. The admin can pre assign the modules which he thinks his employee can have access to. All the modules of LinStudio are listed here, and the admin can select the modules during the process of employee registration.

  • Database backup and restoreOpen or Close

    The entire database of LinStudio can be backed-up or restored. In case of any system errors or while servicing the system, use should not lose your data. In LinStudio, you have the provision to backup all the data from your database at any time.

    You can back-up the data anywhere and once after the rectification of your issues, you can restore it back. This can also be done on regular basis to ensure that no data or contacts are lost.

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